iPad Wall Mount - Add Spice to Your Business

Are customers walking by your store without entering? Your product display video attracting little attention? Need a cool way of advertising tonight’s drink specials? Imagine if, instead of a boring sign for your customers, you display Apple’s new iPad on a stylish iPad wall mount, with a presentation about the today’s incredible sales and events! 

The iPad is an incredible device. It displays pictures, videos, custom programs, or almost anything imaginable, with a stylish sleek form that Apple is famous for designing. Your customers know and love the iPad, and probably with they had one if they don’t already. Give them what they are looking for with an iPad wall mounting. In a business environment, it is almost impossible to keep watch on an iPad all of the time. 

When offering our , security was a top concern. In addition to theft, an unattended device needs to be protected from tampering and unauthorized access. Learn more about our innovative security features and options, featuring our ground breaking security lock, that will keep your iPad safe and secure, even when you are not around to watch. Most business owners are extremely proud of their environment. Putting an ugly plastic molding on a wall is not appealing. Instead, our iPad wall mount is designed with style in mind

The slim form factor makes the device unobtrusive. In addition, we can customize the mount to look spectacular in any environment. Discover our customization options to find the right look for your business or office. Entrepreneurs discover more uses for a wall mounted iPad every day. Lounges use their iPad to advertise happy hour specials, and control background music. Offices use them for centralized scheduling. Wherever you need an attentive audience, an iPad is an ideal solution. It’s almost impossible to pass these by without stopping to look. Find out some ideas on how you can use a mounted iPad to improve your business of office. Our iPad wall mounts are not just a pretty clamp. Thorough engineering has gone into the design to provide the ideal wall mount package for a commercial or office environment. 

These features help to protect your device, as well as maintain a stylish and elegant environment. An iPad is the definition of cool, and our wall mounts provide security and style for your business or office.  



Stylish Design

The iPad Wall Bracket is designed to enable easy, stylish mounting of the iPad on a wall with security lock in private, commercial and public places. Mount the iPad on the wall to support your digital sign application, lounge advertising, events calendar and even conference room busy/free schedule. 

The iPad Wall Bracket is available in black and can be manufactured in other colors, matt or gloss finish and logo based on your specifications. Minimum order quantity is required for custom orders.


Security Lock Screw

The iPad Wall Bracket comes with built in security  to prevent unauthorized access to the home button, power cable or removal of the iPad from the bracket. For unattended public places we can provide a security lock with key access for additional charge.

Hidden Power Cable

To keep the clean, stylish look of the iPad we designed the iPad Wall Bracket so all power connections are hidden. The power cable runs from the back of the bracket directly to the wall. Using a USB cable extender you can run the power cable as far as you need. Visit link 


Slim Form Factor

The iPad Wall Bracket is only 20.5 mm thick to keep it as close as possible to the original form factor of the iPad.